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We specialise in connecting investors to projects across the globe, with a particular emphasis on emerging markets.

About Us

Navigating Opportunities, Maximising Returns.

Corridor Group AG is at the forefront of strategic asset management, offering a unique blend of global expertise and local insight. Our mission is to navigate the complex landscape of opportunities, guiding our partners towards maximising their returns.

With a focus on innovation and excellence, we explore new horizons and leverage our rich legacy to empower your business. Our specialised expertise allows us to propel your operations forward, unlocking the full potential of your investments.

While we currently operate without a FINMA license, our commitment to transparency and integrity remains unwavering. We are actively pursuing the necessary certifications to expand our offerings and continue to serve our clients with the highest standards of excellence.

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Our Services

Unlock Your Business Potential

Asset Management Advisory

Our Asset Management Advisory services are crafted to guide clients towards maximising returns, minimising risks, and optimising the performance of their portfolios.

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Asset Allocation Advisory Service

Our advisory service utilises strategic allocation techniques to guide you in efficiently distributing your resources across various asset classes. This approach is designed to minimise risk and optimise potential returns through informed decision-making.

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Investor Relations Management Services

We facilitate effective and transparent communication between your organization and its stakeholders, ensuring mutual understanding and trust.

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Project Management Services

At Corridor Group AG, we ensure that your projects are navigated from inception to completion with unmatched precision, delivered on time, and within budget.

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Consultancy Services

At Corridor Group AG, we partner with our clients to catalyse innovation and foster sustainable growth. Our Consultancy Services are not just about offering advice; we position ourselves as strategic allies, dedicated to unveiling and maximising your business's full potential.

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Expertise Sectors

Transport Infrastructure

Redefine the Future of Travel

We're dedicated to engineering connections that foster progress and sustainability across road, rail, and deep sea ports, enriching communities worldwide.



Empowering Business Leadership

We leverage cutting-edge technology solutions to enable businesses to lead, navigate complexities, and thrive in the digital era. Join us as a pioneer in the digital landscape.


Fossil Fuels

Navigate Industry Challenges

Our d services in the fossil fuel sector unlock new opportunities, empowering your operations in the dynamic fields of petroleum.



Optimising Operations for Tomorrow.

Our bespoke consultancy services in the healthcare sector are designed to ensure unparalleled patient care and fostering a healthier society


Renewable Energy

Leading the Green Revolution

Offering innovative strategies to harness renewable resources, we're committed to reducing carbon footprints and powering a cleaner, brighter future.


Why Corridor Group AG?

Corridor Group AG is more than a service provider – we are your dedicated partner in consulting excellence. With a commitment to innovation, a focus on your unique needs, and a track record of success, we invite you to explore our services and embark on a transformative journey towards investment success.

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